About Us

We are a seed stage data science startup focusing on bringing accurate demand forecasting for travel providers to improve revenue and increase yield. We leverage unstructured data around the web to measure intent for travel.

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Current Opportunities

We are looking for curious, transparent and inclusive colleagues, who are passionate about learning and challenging each other. We believe in providing a workplace that enables everyone to flourish with the freedom to develop and the responsibility to have a meaningful impact across our business.

What we're working on

We use advanced machine learning techniques to understand how online interactions affect offline behaviour. Our first product dramatically improves demand forecasting for the air travel industry.

Right now, 20% of airline seats fly empty, a multi-billion-dollar inefficiency; by leveraging both public and proprietary data to better understand when people will travel, Migacore Technologies can increase airline revenue while also lowering average ticket costs.

Our team


Tim is a machine learning engineer with a background in mathematics. His recent master’s thesis focused on learning strategies for card games using reinforcement learning.


Alex is a machine learning engineer, having spent a lot of time competing in Kaggle competitions, working as a full stack engineer and founding a startup previously.


George is an expert in NLP, graph mining and information extraction, with experience in revenue optimization and big data.


Abheer is a software and data engineer with expertise in building travel pricing and distribution software (as well as 8+ years as a commercial pilot).

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We're based in London