Effective Revenue Management starts with
Accurate Forecasting

We leverage cutting edge machine learning with contextual data to provide demand forecasting, helping you dramatically improve revenue.

There's an explosion of content that influences travel causing a shift in your customers behaviour. Migacore enables you to capture your customers intent before it materializes.

Accurate forecasting enables dramatically improved pricing and marketing for your revenue management teams. Making them more:


Enabling your team to plan and pro-actively manage inventory, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and capture value from all your sales channels.



Intelligently sort your revenue management workload to focus on inventory that will have the biggest ROI.

Using our anomaly detection capabilities to catch customer behaviour that could lead to distressed, over or undersold invetory.



Plan and simulate changes to your pricing and marketing before applying them. We run thousands of simulations on your business to improve your pricing, marketing and planning, so you can make decisions with confidence.



Our algorithms are continuously at work, so your teams are more effective in making decisions that will positively impact the future of your business.


Accurate demand forecasting is core to pricing and marketing your inventory effectively.

The world is changing under your feet. Can you afford to keep looking backwards whilst moving forward?

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